Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WRITER'S NOTEBOOK: Game Running Score

FROM THE CRITTENDEN PRESS observations of game
Pardon the misspellings and punctuation errors

Livingston Crittenden Game
4 Austin Woodward
10 Austin WRight
25 Colton Ramage
20 Dalton Gilbert
50 Jordan Miller
Owen, Gilbert, Young, D.Watson, Belt

Turnover LC
2-0 Owen jumper
Turnover Lc
4-0 Belt drive lane layup
4-3 Woodward 3pt top key
7-3 Young 3pt left wing
7-5 Miller in post
owen miss miller rebound
miller miss dakota rebound
owen miss 3 liv rebound
7-8 Wright 3pt wing
Belt miss liv rebound
7-11 Ramage 3pt corner 3:35
owen inside pass to belt, who is fouled by miller, 1st
Dakota miss on right side liv rebound miller
Dakota foul 
7-13 No. 14 FT xx 2:51
Gilbert misses scoop shot, liv rebound
7-14 No. 14 FT xo fouled by Owen 2:28
Ramage blocking foul on Dwatson
8-14 Dakota FT ox
Livingstos nmiss champ rebound
10-14 Owen runner in lane 1:45
10-17 Woodward long 3pt top key no one in face
12-17 Owen runner into lane 1:05 CCHS getting penetration
12-20 Ramage 3pt corner
Gilbert 3 miss, Wright rebound
12-21 Ramage FT ox 1 second

turnover crittenden
Livingston miss
Critt miss
12-23 Ramage reb and 3pt after woodward miss 3p
14-23 Gilbert baseline jumper 6:15
Liv miss
16-23 Dickerson post move 5:33
16-26 Woodward (fouled on 3p by Belt) FT xxx 5:16
Belt miss Woodward reb
Liv rampage miss cc reb
Owen miss liv reb
rampage miss ball to critt on ooh
Owen miss, ball stays ooh, Gilbert miss3p
LIV Miss, Dakota reb
18-26 Dakota block 2:30
Liv turnover
21-26 Young 3pt wing 2:00
Liv turnover
23-26 Owen FT xx 1:28
Miller miss, dakota reb
Young miss, foul Dickerson other end 1+1
23-28 Woodward FT xx  1:04
25-28 Owen drive all the way underhand layup split defense
25-30 Wright putback
27-30 Belt outback at buzzer of dakota miss

27-32 Ramage
Owen miss, 
liv miss
Gilbert miss, tinselly miss
27-34 Miller FT xx 6:40
29-34 Belt in lane
belt steal, owen miss but fouled by Wright
30-34 Owen FT ox 6:04
30-37 LIV Gilbert just goes in and hits 3pt 5:30
CC miss
30-38 Liv Gilbert oox  (fouled on 3p by Belt)
Belt miss, Miller reb
woodward miss, Wright reb, miller shot fouled by Tinsley, ankle Miller
30-40 Miller FT xx   4:29
Owen miss
30-42 Liv No. 3 open under basket - biggest lead of game 3:12
Critt turnover 
Liv turnover
32-42 Hicks on across court assist from Champion  1:40
LIV miss
34-42 Belt putback of Hicks miss 3p
Woodward miss 3p, Owen rebound
36-42 Belt scores in transition  with 45 seconds
Liv No. 3 miss 3p oob to cc  24 seconds
39-42 Owen 3pt wing 6 seconds

Owen miss 3p
39-44 Ramage FT xx
40-44 Belt FT xo   miller reb, foul Dickerson
Miller FT o+
CC miss 3 shots, woodward finally reb for liv., hicks foul
Woodward FT o+    6:49  Belt rebound
42-44 Owen FT x+x  6:24  (fouled going into lane)
Liv turnover at midcourt
Belt miss twisting in lane loose ball he and rampage dive Liv ball
Woodward miss 3, rampage over back on rebound belt
Belt FT 0+  4:56
BELT FOURTH FOUL backing Miller in lane 4:43
42-45 Miller FT ox
Hicks miss 3p … Hicks foul on defense in transition, Wright line
Wright FT oo  4:15
45-45 Gilbert 3pt after running offense after time out  -- 3 minutes ...
Liv miss, Tinsley rebound
CC miss 3 times, liv reb
45-47 Woodward FT xx  2:42
47-47 Belt basket
47-48 Ramage FT ox   2:13   Noah Fouled out
Owen miss, but No. 3 LC fouls, Tinsley to Line 1:53
Tinsley FT o+  liv rebound
Wright FT oo, Belt rebound   1:25     Gilbert foul, double bonus
48-48 Owen FT xo   drove baseline No. 14 foul  - 1:06
Woodward miss, but ball goes off Dakota leg, Liv keeps ball 45 sec
Ramage starts offense little quick drives jumper just inside foul line, miss with 26 seconds (left side rim) Dakota rebound (CC timeout) 19.6 seconds

50-48 Gilbert from wing buries it vs def. No. 14 drives in 14 footer BASKET …. 2 seconds 


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